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Tailored Resume, previously Optimized Resumes, uses JobScan which is built to assess the Applicant Tracking Systems strategically and know the precise buzzword that the hiring decision-makers or recruiters look for in a resumé.

Founded in 2009; our goal is to help: (1) applicants get the job they have been aspiring for; (2) hardworking employees attain the promotion they have been dreaming of; and (3) fresh graduates start building their professional experience through a world-class internship or job opportunities.

In a world of job hunters, a resume is one of the most common requirements in completing the job application process as it contains all your personal information, work experiences, and educational pedigree. It is common sense to understand why it is required to provide a resume – give your future employer an idea of how it is like to have you in their company.

At Tailored Resume we understand that industry 4.0 or known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution penetrated almost all companies. This transformation is characterized by automation and computerization powered by the Internet of Things and cyber-physical systems in almost all sectors.

Due to this revolution, many industries merge their businesses' physical and digital worlds to fully benefit from this advancement. Hence, the recruitment division and the hiring process of each company, Fortune 500, or startup, employ the use of Applicant Tracking System to vet their applicants. It is faster and cost-efficient!

We make sure that the ATS-built resumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn content we create, make sense when hiring-decision makers read it. Having it ATS or bot-friendly does not mean it shouldn't make sense when a person reads it.

We have helped 10K+ individuals get hired through the following services:

+ATS-compliant Resumés
+On-point CVs
+USA Jobs-approved Federal Resumés+Master's and Ph.D. Application Resumés
+Buzzword-optimized LinkedIn Profile Content (Web Presence)
+Personalized Cover Letters
+Outstanding Professional Biography
+Personal Statement
+Summary Of Accomplishments
+SEO Content+Blog Articles+Speeches
+Any type of content writing needs